FanThrowdown has Recently Acquired BuzzDraft

FanThrowdown has recently acquired BuzzDraft, and we are excited to introduce you to the hottest new daily fantasy site out there! All BuzzDraft accounts have been transferred over to FanThrowdown. This includes user balances, bonus balances, and even experience points, which will be accounted for when our experience system is up and running. Former BuzzDraft members have been sent an email with their username and password to sign into FTD. If you did not receive your credentials for FTD, the email may have ended up in your SPAM folder.

If not, you can email or call (518) 450-1459 and we will be happy to get you set up. When emailing, please be sure to include your BuzzDraft username.  For those of you who may be thinking, “What about my money?” or, “I already have an account at FTD!” or, “I’m not interested in playing on FTD, and I’d like to withdraw!” We want to assure you that all is well with your funds and your accounts. If you currently have an account on FTD, we will simply add your BuzzDraft funds to your FTD account. If you don’t want to play on FTD, you may sign into your account at FTD and withdraw immediately.

For all the former BuzzDraft members who are going to miss PGA, there is no need to worry! FTD is planning to launch its own PGA contests before the end of April. We plan to have a unique gameplay in which live scoring shows hole by hole action. So, be sure to check in at FTD in a few weeks if PGA is your game of choice. We are excited to have you on our site and we hope you enjoy your time here. Thanks for playing, and remember…IT’S A THROWDOWN!!!