Frequently Asked Questions

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What internet browser should I use to view the website in?
FanThrowdown is best viewed using any modern version of Mozilla Firefox, Safari, Google Chrome, Opera, or Internet Explorer 9+. For the best possible view, remember to keep your browser at 100% View. ZOOM VIEW may cause sliding elements such as our featured games to display incorrectly when navigating.
What is a Free Roll?
A Free Roll on FanThrowdown is a contest in which no buy in value is required by you, the user while still offering a prize.
What is a Guaranteed Game?
A guaranteed game is a game that will trigger to play regardless if it meets the minimum number of participants or not. Rememebr that all FanThrowdown games will try to automatically condense if we do not get enough participants, regardless is the game was system generated or user generated. We also set up our automatically generated games to fill one at a time, back to back, guaranteeing they are full before allowing another of the same type to become available.
What is the latest I can enter a contest?
FanThrowdown games are open for you to join until about 1 minute before game-time. Upon the first game starting in a contest, the contest becomes locked.
Why don't certain players show up in the player selection process?
You should remember to pay attention to the contest details for the contest you are entering. For example, an "All Day Sunday" NFL contest means players from a Thursday, Saturday, or Monday night game may not be there. They are of course still in the system but they are just not eligible for participation based on the game settings. Furthermore, players marked as OUT or on Injured Reserve automatically drop from the selection process. Please keep in mind that we rely on STATS Inc, our data provider, for these details, and at times players with injuries may still show up.
Can I create a game just for me and my friends?
Yes. You can create private games. When creating a game, mark it private and invite your friends. It will only be accessible to those you invite to view and sign up for.
How fast can I get paid?
Dependent on the amount, most payments are made to our members within 24 hours (1 business day). Larger amounts require that we have certain information on file in order to process payments.
Why can’t I see my live matches?
Most users encounter a problem with seeing their live matches when they are using Internet Explorer. Try downloading and using Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox for an overall better web browsing experience.
What is bonus money and how does it work?
Bonus money is added to your account upon your initial deposit when you have signed up through an affiliate’s link, or if you deposit with a promo code. If you have bonus money, the amount can be found in orange under your actual balance. The bonus money is transferred into your actual balance at a rate of 50%of the rake for each contest. This means that 50% of the rake for each contest will be covered by funds in your bonus account.
How do I challenge someone to a contest?
After you create a league or a head to head and finish picking your team, there is a button located in the bottom left of the match info page that says, “Challenge Friends”. When you click this button a light box will appear. In this light box you have the option to send an email with a link to the contest or post the link to Facebook or Twitter. You can also take the link in the lightbox and paste it anywhere for someone to click and join. You can also use the URL from the player selection screen to invite friends. Pasting the player selection URL or the challenge friends link will allow friends to enter the game quickly and easily.
How do I use pay pal?
In order to deposit funds into your FanTD account you must have a PayPal account. When setting up a PayPal account you can transfer money to FanTD using a bank account or a credit card. The credit card option can also be used with prepaid cards.
How do I contact the support team?
If there is anything you need, you can talk to our support team directly through the live support chat from 8AM to 12PM every day. You can also call, or email 24/7. All customer support information can be accessed through our “Support” tab in the upper right hand corner of the home page.
How do I make my profile private?
You can go to the “Account” tab on the home page and select “H2H/Privacy Settings”. In here you can check the box that says “Do not publically display my winnings or top scores” in order to make your profile private. There are also a number of options to set your desired Head to Head settings.
What are head to head settings?
Head to Head settings have been put in place to protect a user from having all of their head to heads taken by one person. There are three options: o Unrestricted: Allow any member to join any number of my H2H contests. o Protected: Only allow members to join my H2H contests with the same buy in value once. o Restricted: Only allow members to join my created H2H contests one time, regardless of buy in.
What is a 50/50 match?
A 50/50 match pays out half of the participants in the contest. In a 50/50, participants who finish in the top half of the field will double their entry fee, while those in the bottom half walk away with nothing.
I was a member at BuzzDraft. How do I access my account on FanThrowdown?
An email should have been sent to the email on your BuzzDraft account. If you did not see it, it may be in your SPAM folder. If not you can email us or call us from the “Support” tab on our homepage. Just provide us with your BuzzDraft username and email and we will set your account up on FanTD.
Is there a minimum or maximum deposit or withdrawal?
There is a $5.50 minimum deposit and a $20 minimum withdrawal.
What is rake?
Rake is a percentage of each person’s entry fee that the website takes. This is how the site generates revenue.
Why won’t promo codes work?
A lot of times promo codes do not work because a member signed up for FanTD through an affiliate link. The affiliate link installs a “cookie” in your web browser which always takes precedence over a promo code being typed in. If you go to your browser history, empty cache, and delete cookies and other site plug-in data, promo codes should work fine.
What are affiliates?
Every member has an affiliate link in the “Referral Center” of the “Account” tab. This link can be emailed to friends or posted on Facebook and Twitter. If someone signs up for FanTD using your link, they become your affiliate. Once they become your affiliate you receive 25% of the rake on each contest your affiliate enters.
How do I stop receiving emails from FanThrowdown?
In the “Account” tab there is a section called “Email Settings”. In here there are a bunch of options you can select to receive or stopping receiving emails in certain situations.
Why won’t my avatar show up in chat?
Sometimes our users have trouble getting their avatar to show on the site. When saving a picture for an avatar make sure you save it as a JPEG. Other file formats do not work well with our site.
Can you play for free at FanThrowdown?
FanTD offers both free and pay to play games. You have the option to deposit money into your account or to enter a cash entry game but these are both optional.
Do I pay taxes on my FanTD winnings?
For any user who has a total in net winnings that equals or exceeds $600 for any calendar year, (gross winnings - all entry fees) we are required to get a W9 form for US citizens, and a W8 form from users outside the US.
Can I change my FanTD username?
Yes, you can change your username by writing a simple support ticket requesting us to do so.
I’ve lost my login information, what can I do?
Simply go to the Login page and click on the forgot password link to send you a reminder. If this does not work we can reset your password via support ticket.
How do I delete my account?
Please fill a support ticket.
Who can play on FanThrowdown?
Well for a start you must be 18 years of age or over and a resident in the USA or Canada. Unfortunately, if you are a resident of: Arizona, Iowa, Louisiana, Montana,or Vermont, you are ineligible.
How do I withdraw money?
Under the “My Account” tab of the homepage there is a section called “Withdraw”. In here you can choose PayPal or check and specify the amount you would like to withdraw.
What happens with postponed or cancelled games?
Rules for how postponed games are treated in FanThrowdown contests vary depending on the sport and contest type. NFL, NBA, NHL, NCAA football, NCAA basketball - the FanThrowdown website will automatically keep the contest open until it is officially flagged by STATS Inc as a "postponed" game. This will lead to games appearing to still be "live" despite there being no activity due to a delay or postponement. Upon the game being officially marked as postponed the event is then closed and all scoring for all users is finalized. Players are awarded zero points and the contest is considered complete. In the event we do not receive a postponed status, the contest will automatically close out 30 hours after the postponed event's originally scheduled start time. MLB - all contests will close "as-is" once marked postponed by our stats provider, exactly as described above with a maximum close time being 8 hours after the postponed event's originally scheduled start time in the event we do not receive an official postponement or suspension notice. (all sports) - postponed games which are re-scheduled to take place on a different day will be eligible for gameplay on those specific dates and will have absolutely no link to the original event ID / contest they may have been associated with. See double-headers for more information which is specific to MLB.
How do you deal with double headers?
Only one game of a doubleheader will count for FanThrowdown scoring. Players will only score points for the game which starts at the time listed in the contest details. This will typically (but not always) be the game at the originally scheduled time. Double header and player eligibility is directly linked to the time-period in which the initial game is selected for.
How do I unregister for a game?
Once you’ve selected a roster and joined a game you cannot unregister on your own. You can fill out a support ticket and the support team can remove you from a game only if it has not completely filled yet.
How do I clear my cache?
• Clearing your cache is different for each browser. Clearing your cache can be helpful when something on the site isn’t working properly. Sometimes new updates are implemented but the browser doesn’t show it because your cache is keeping things the old way. Clearing your cache will let the new updates take place. o Google Chrome: In the upper right hand corner of Google Chrome there are 3 horizontal bars. If you click here a menu will pop up and you can select “History”. On the new page that pops up click “Clear all browsing data” on top. Make sure empty the cache is selected and click “Clear browsing data”. - Firefox: In Firefox, in the top left corner, click the orange Firefox button and select History----Clear Recent History. Select time range and click "Everything" Then, click the "Details" dropdown and ensure the "cache" checkbox is selected. Then, click "Clear Now"
What if I'm not satisfied with FanTD, can I receive a refund?
At FanThrowdown we pride ourselves in offering the best experience possible. If you are not satisfied with your experience at FanTD write us an email telling us exactly what your issues were and we will refund your entry fee up to $10.
What are Tournament Dollars and how do I use them?
FanThrowdown offers tournament dollars as the on-site currency to be used in special contests, including qualifying and satellite matches. T$ won in contests designated with a [D] (Direct Qualifier) will automatically will be used for it's corresponding special contest. You must have the full amount of T$ in your account to buy into a contest. Therefore, you're unable to enter half real money, half T$. Also, T$ are not eligible for withdraw.
What is "late swap"
FanThrowdown allows you to "late swap" players into lineups as long as the original player you wish to change out of your lineup game has not passed that games original scheduled start time. No more getting hurt my last minute injury news! Please note that late swap only works for Salary Cap games, and is not available in Quick Pick Games
Is Playing on FanThrowdown Legal?
Of course it is! We operate under the guidelines set forth in the 2006 Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act (UIGEA 2006). By law fantasy sports is considered a game of skill, which makes playing on FanThrowdown 100% Legal.