About Us

FanThrowdown is an industry leading daily fantasy sports website.

In 2011 the FanThrowdown team came together, seeking to put the best daily fantasy sports site on the web, citing many concerns with other popular sites. Our team is compiled of industry leading business experts, fantasy sports gurus, and other wildly talented individuals.

In May of 2013, MGT Sports, Inc., a subsidiary of the publicly traded company MGT Capital Investments (NYSE MKT: MGT) acquired a majority interest in FanTD LLC.

Players interested in investing in the daily fantasy sports industry should refer to www.mgtci.com

FanThrowdown offers daily fantasy gameplay for the NFL, MLB, NCAA (basketball & football), NHL, NBA, and PGA. Our goal is to give fantasy sports fans the absolute best environment to play in and that is why our team has invested so much into ensuring we have the best product on the web. Our most popular gameplay style is our salary cap gameplay and its formula has been developed from the ground up. We believe it is the perfect balance between user-friendly-playability and in-depth statistical analysis. For members really looking for a challenge, FanThrowdown also offers multiple difficulty options via the salary cap totals, allowing a user to make the roster fulfillment process that much harder.

FanThrowdown also offers other gameplay styles not seen anywhere else on the internet, allowing our users to pick from not only a diverse amount of sports, but also a large field of playing styles. In the end, our company is made up of smart business minds who absolutely love sports. We truly appreciate each and every member on our website and are honored to share the passion of fantasy gaming with everyone. We encourage our members to participate in the forum, submit feedback, and work with us to help both build our community, and make us best we can possibly be.